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Alaska: How to Pack for an Alaskan Cruise

The perfect Alaskan cruise layering begins with a basic long sleeve top. As the weather begins to drop in temperature you can add a second layer consisting of a warm winter coat. North Face offers a great variety of warm coats to choose from that are extremely soft and insulated. You can also add a third layer of a lightweight but warming vest. Plus, a vest can be simply layered on top of a warm coat or long sleeve top by itself. Each layer should go in order of your personal preference.

What to Pack for Alaska | WanderbirdCruises

When off the boat attending day long Alaskan excursions be sure to pack a few extra layers. A fourth layer may consist of a large raincoat! A little known fact is that the Southern most region of Alaska is actually comprised of a rainforest. Not to mention your raincoat will come in handy when staring at a glacier up close and personal as the off shed water can soak you and the cool wind is enough to chill you to your core. Warm hats are also a great addition to your Alaskan wardrobe. Hats with ear warming flaps are most ideal as they offer whole head warmth. You would be surprised at how cold ears can affect your overall body temperature. Do not forget about your hands! Pack gloves in order to avoid frozen fingertips.

I'm sure your mother warned you to keep your neck warm in cold weather to avoid getting sick! This could not ring more true when enduring Alaska's extreme weather conditions, so needless to say it is ideal to include a scarf when packing your suitcase. The last and most important layer to add to your Alaskan wardrobe is a durable pair of athletic shoes. Athletic shoes will not only keep your feet warm but they will also keep your feet comfortable. You will be able to stay mobile during extensively long excursions that may include hiking through cold and wet climate conditions.