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Money Saving Tips

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See 10 Money Saving Tips While Cruising

It is possible to travel on a budget. A great way to save and travel the world is by cruise boat. While the total of the trip may seem daunting, if you are aware of how to payment plan and save once aboard the ship, you will ultimately not break the bank. Read on below to discover ten money saving tips to utilize while cruising and really reap the bang for your buck.

1. Bring Your Own Booze

Cruises are known for seriously overcharging when it comes to alcoholic beverages. In order to avoid racking up your bill with adult drinks, bring your own alcohol from home. Not only do several cruise lines allow you to bring two bottles of champagne or wine on your travels, they also only charge around a ten dollar corking fee if you would like to enjoy your drink in the lounge or dining area. Plus, there are several ways to sneak hard liquor onto cruise boats if you are feeling risking. Just google concealed alcohol containers and you will discover a plethora of options. What's the worst they can do anyway? All the cruise staff is allowed to do is throw away the unsolicited alcohol, so it's worth a shot if you are really in a financial bind.

2. Purchase Meals/Special Activities Prior To Your Trip

Numerous cruise lines give you the option to pre-purchase trip packages at a discount. Several activities such as all day excursions or spa services are be bundled with different meal options for a discount typically available prior to departure. Be smart and utilize this easy savings option.

3. Do Not Buy Into the Beverage Packages

The average person does not consume enough alcohol in one day to break even with the cost of the cruise lines beverage packages. It is highly reccomend to pump the breaks when considering this money saving facade. Remember, all of your water and soft drinks are free and unless you are a heavy drinker - the beverage package will have you spending more than saving.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Temptation

You can simply save money while cruising by not buying into all of the cruise line gimmicks. This will not be as easy as it seems as you will be surrounded by one hour only jewelry sales, artisan restaurants, drink hawkers and auctions twenty four seven. However, if you are truly able to resist these unwarranted temptations you will go home with a smile on your face because you will still have money in the bank.

5. Travel Light

The more bags you bring, the higher your cost of checked bags will become. If it is at all possible to pack a little lighter and save money on a bag or two, it is highly recommend. Once on board you will be able to utilize the reasonably priced cruise line laundry services. This way not only will your clothes be fresh, they will also be wrinkle free. In the long run you could potentially save fifty to one hundred dollars and have extra spending money for your trip.

6. Book On A Megaship

Mega Ships can hold over six thousand people, and need to fill up more than a quarter of their ship to make departure profitable. The longer it takes to fill these rooms, the lower the overall travel price will become. Be on the lookout for these amazing deals.

7. Utilize a Repositioning Cruise

Although, repositioning cruises are a one way cruise, the deals offered for these cruises are out of this world. As these longer cruises take transatlantic trips crossing different oceans you can bask in the sunlight and take a load off. At half the price of a round trip cruise - these tickets look very appealing. Do not forget to factor in the price of airfare for you one way ticket to return home. If timing and price are right, a repositioning cruise could be the way to go for your budget needs.

8. Cruise For a Shorter Duration

While a week long cruise may sound delightful, a three to four day cruise may fit your budget better. Several excellent trips are offered at a shorter duration to cater to those who do not have much time or money to spend on vacation. Shorter cruises are offered at amazing values during the months of January to April on new cruise lines as well as old.

9. Travel With Friends

If you travel with three to four friends and share a cruise cabin, your cost will be cut in half as you are able to split the fees. Make memories with your loved ones while saving money and having the time of your lives. This saving tip is a no brainer.

10. Utilize Free Upgrades

Inquire with your travel agent as to which cruise lines are known for offering automatic upgrades such as, upgrading from a standard cabin to one with an ocean front view. Carnival, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Line, and MSC are all cruise lines that are known for regularly offering promotions of free cruise upgrades.

11. Utilize Coupons

A great way to save on travel is to you use promo codes when booking your vacation online. This will enable you to experience all the comforts of the luxury stay for less. For example, Groupon regularly offers a range of great deals on travel, cruises including. With Groupon discount codes you can save quite a lot on your next vacation. Daily updated lists are published here: groupon.com, promocodes2018.com, and coupons.com