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The Wanderbird Vessel

The Wanderbird sailboat's classic interior cleverly complements its traditional auxiliary ketch. Once inside the galley one will experience wonderful wood paneling, cozy wooden cabinetry adorned with brass fixtures, and private bathrooms fully equipped down to vintage rugs. Originally, the Wanderbird was designed in a Dutch shipyard to be a fishing trawler but after a full restoration her strong steel was able to withstand the toughest of sea conditions to blissfully navigate ocean voyaging safely for epic sailing.

The Wanderbird Vessel | WanderbirdCruises

Your passengers as well as yourself are bound to love sailing upon the Wanderbird Vessel. This ninety foot sailboat can accommodate an intimate party of up to twelve passengers without feeling cramped or overcrowded. With six cozy double sized cabins, each complete with a private shower, will surely have your guests feeling at home. The Wanderbird is also fully equipped with spacious wood finished decks, deck salon + observation area, open galley, dining area, as well as a library. Not to mention the wheelhouse offers ample seating that is so comfortable you will never want to leave. Plus, the Wanderbird is large enough to include an attachment for two smaller boats for shore adventures if the weather permits.

A passenger favorite is the coach house! The coach house is a special place on the boat meant for premium relaxation. This room has the feel of being outside but is fully protected from any weather conditions, as it has windows for walls. The coach house also contains a reading library, a plethora of seating, and classic shipmate stove. The coach house is also a great gathering place for passengers to share good times and enjoy great music.

If passengers wish to take a break from enjoyment and want to expand their knowledge, they can check out the below-deck salon, which hosts a wide array of educational programs. They can also enjoy the cruise experience from the captain's viewpoint by visiting the wheel house. This was designed to give passengers the same perspective that the captain has when he is maneuvering the vessel through the waters.

Overall, the Wanderbird was restored to maintain the look and feel of a nineteenth century fishing boat, combined with the technology and equipment of modern times, making it unique among other vessels. Plus, the vessel's safety equipment standards soar above all the rest. This owner operator sailboat not only matches but exceeds the Lloyd specifications for passenger boats which includes a full stock of all necessary fire fighting/detection equipment, coast guard grade life jackets as well as survival suits, complete offshore first aid kit, high water alarms, four inflatable liferafts (accommodating 46 passengers), two buoyant apparatus (accommodating 20 passengers), and two lifeboats. For additional safety the Wanderbird is equipped with emergency strobe lighted life rings (oversized) that include six watertight compartments, a full flare kit, and rocket propelled line launchers. First aid certification is also a requirement for all crew members who work aboard the ship.

The Wanderbird is virtually unstoppable from its majestic beauty and top ranked safety mechanisms down to its extremely powerful engine, there is nothing not to like about this vessel. With an impressive industrie 510hp diesel engine and desalinator, the Wanderbird can effortlessly travel from saltwater to freshwater. The fuel tank alone, can travel along six thousand miles on three fully functional generators. Furthermore, the electronic navigation upon the Wanderbird has been updated with state of the art equipment such as the Furuno NavTex receiver, three GPS units, Solar Radio equipment, two sets of radar mechanisms, a set of wind instruments, three VHF radios, depth sounder, satellite communicator, SSB radio telephone, auto-pilot, weatherfax, compass, computer, cellular phone, and electronic chart plotters. All together the Wanderbird is truly a dream boat and one of the best ways to spend your first cruise.

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The Wanderbird Vessel | WanderbirdCruises

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