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Tips for First Cruise

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We Offer You 10 Tips You Need To Know Before Your First Cruise

So you're ready to take your first cruise? There are some amazing deals available for ship setting sail for warm Caribbean waters. But if you don't know exactly where to start, check out these tips from top cruising experts around the world. It'll help you get started planning, booking and experiencing the trip of a lifetime!

1. Remember to bring a small day bag in your packing checklist. Fill the bag with all the essentials such as medicines, documentation, and swimsuit so that just in case your check bags do not arrive to your stateroom, you are prepared. It also comes in handy when you're out exploring the ports of call.

2. Book a family-friendly cabin. Many of the cruise ship cabins are designed for four and they have pull-down bunk beds or sofa beds.

3. Don't make the biggest mistake, which is to book a cruise solely based on price alone. Cruise lines market to specific travel styles and demographics so it's best to figure out which cruise line reflects your interests then hunt for bargains.

4. When you shop make sure you understand what's included and what's not in the cruise fare you pay.

5. To make your cruise more relaxing figure out what activity in dining reservations are most important to you and make them ahead of time. Then your vacation can start immediately.

6. There are many cool things to do on board a ship such as classes, buffets, dancing, comedy, shopping, gambling, ice-skating and on top of that all the destinations, so don't get overwhelmed by all the choices. Don't feel the pressure to see and do everything. It's a vacation so remember to relax.

7. Remember to pack your gym close with all the fitness classes offered on board this is a perfect time to take a class and something you've never tried before.

8. For your health sake take the stairs between the decks as it's a great way to work off all that delicious food you're eating and see more of the ship.

9. Schedule your meals at the same time as this shows and then you'll miss the preshow crowds.

10. If you choose to decide to explore the ports of call on your own, you will research ahead of time to see how you want to get there either renting a car a taxi etc. it may sound like work but a little research ahead of time pays dividends in the end.