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Tips for The Vegetarian Traveler

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15 Tips for the Vegetarian Traveler

In a perfect world everywhere one travels would be vegetarian and vegan friendly. Unfortunately, our world has not progressed far enough just yet and this isnít the case. Traveling on the road as a vegetarian can prove to be quite the challenge. However, with the right research and preparation you will handle your vegetarian road trip with ease. It is best to research your location and route of travel prior to departing on your trip.

1. It is best to begin by contacting your hotel or airbnb to figure out if they are able to accommodate your specific dietary needs.

2. Check out the nearby restaurants, local farmerís markets, food co-ops, and food stores. Make a list of their address so you do not have to waste anytime locating them once you are on vacation. This goes for international traveling as well, research the country's traditional cuisine. Several cultures are based around lentils, rice, and or beans.

3. Locate an emergency food supply. It may sound crazy but even Del Taco offers an all bean burrito.

4. Prepare your own food to bring with you on your trip if applicable. A few snack ideas are: cut up fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts, trail mix, sandwiches, pea protein bars, or vegan jerky.

5. Make a strategy for your road trip. You can source your snacks while on the road and plan to eat a salad or pasta while enjoying restaurants along the way.

6. Utilize your hotel roomís refrigerator. The cold can be of great use to preserve the fresh produce you bring along on the road.

7. Utilize your hotel roomís coffee maker. You can boil water plain to add to any vegan soup.

8. If you are able to splurge on a hotel room with a kitchen, do so. This way you are at least able to prepare a good amount of your own food correctly.

9. Get creative. At any regular grocery store you will find lettuce and a dairy free salad dressing or even hummus and pita bread.

10. Equip yourself! Make sure to bring a can opener on your trip. Chickpeas and beans with salad can be your best friend.

11. Tortillas are also great for making salad wraps. Usually you can heat up grilled veggies from the supermarket and add hummus with salad for a delicious wrap. You could even try adding black beans, red pepper, and avocado.

12. If possible tote a blender in your baggage. Shakes are easy to make for breakfast with your cut up fruits, veggies, and vegetarian/vegan protein powder.

13. Equipping yourself with a cooler can come in handy when attempting to preserve your snacks for a long amounts of time. All you need to do is ziplock your snacks to keep them air and water tight.

14. When traveling with friends bring snacks to share. Not everyone is vegetarian or vegan but the snacks you bring they are sure to enjoy as well. Everyone loves a good juicy ripe strawberry, unless they are allergic.

15. No matter how generous and good hearted your companions may be when traveling, you need to plan on supplementing your own meals. Bring your special snacks, research locations that can accommodate your diet, and plan plan plan. Like they say if you fail to plan, then plan to fail. You can always save your snacks if you do not end up needing them.