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The Caribbean: When to Take a Caribbean Cruise

Most travelers choose to take a Caribbean cruise during the high season which is from late June through August, Christmas and New Year, February to mid-April.

The Pros and Cons of Sailing in Season

Typically cruisers sailing during the peak time are Sailing in High Season - Carribean | WanderbirdCruises families with kids during off school time and Northerners who are longing to escape from the cold. During school holidays the lines offer a wide range of children's programs so it's a perfect time to set on a voyage with kids. As there are lots of children on board children can make friends easily.

Among the disadvantages of cruising during high season are more expensive prices and possible winter flight delays. By the way, residents of the Northeast, Southeast and Gulf Coast can cruise to the Caribbean from multiple homeports and save by driving to their departure ports. Keep in mind that the summer cruise season coincides with hurricane season, although the most severe storms typically begin since mid-August.

Florida is one of the hottest destinations during spring break so make sure you book your airline tickets far in advance as prices can be high and seats not available. Travelers looking for peaceful and quiet vacation away from kids had better avoid cruising during spring break, as ships are full, with kids and teens running around, and ports are crowded.

Sailing in Low Season - Caribbean | WanderbirdCruises

Low season for Caribbean cruises is from late April through May and September till early January (except holiday weeks).

The Pros and Cons of Sailing Off Season

Travelers will enjoy not only nice weather and smaller crowds, but also lower prices compared to what you'd normally pay at peak season. In the fall the rates are the lowest and there is a possibility of scoring great last-minute deals. However, from June through November hurricanes are quite common. If a storm is developing somewhere in Florida or the Caribbean, ports of call can be changed and reaching ports of embarkation can be difficult as the vessel has to change its course to avoid dangerous sea.