meet Rick and KarenWelcome to the WANDERBIRD!

Come with us on a sea adventure to explore the incredibly scenic coasts of Maine, Newfoundland, Labrador and Greenland (summer 2013) and some special Arctic Dogsled Expeditions (Winter, 2013) with your hosts Captains Rick and Karen. Share our dream of life on the sea on our renovated 90-foot Dutch fishing vessel, the WANDERBIRD, and our love of the wild places and life in the Arctic.

What sets WANDERBIRD apart from other ships, is that we are a mom & pop operation; our ship is our home, our crew becomes our family, our guests become our friends, and we operate our own vessel with care. We are sure you will enjoy your comfortable accommodations and adventurous excursion aboard our stout small ship!

Icebergs seen from a skiff on a WANDERBIRD voyage

Guests of the Wanderbird explored icebergs up close in a skiff this summer. Photo by Karen Miles.

Arctic Expeditions

This year Wanderbird is visiting some amazing locations, from the French Maritimes up to Newfoundland and Labrador... and in winter we'll be leading some new small dogsled and snowshoe expeditions in Labrador- these will be great experiences, join us!

Tramp Steamer Style Voyages

Have you always wanted to sail on a cargo ship and see the world? In the days of old, tramp steamer voyages were a common place offering. Aboard our classic small ship Wanderbird you can explore amazing and remote locations, experincing life on a working vessel, traveling as a crewmember to reposition the ship from Newfoundland, visit Nova Scotia & Disembark in Belfast, Maine- see this September's Tramp Steamer Adventure!


National Geographic TravelerWe offer eco-tourism cruises that reflect our great reverence for the natural world and its creatures. You are invited to participate in informal education and interactive wildlife research projects. Join us in photographing and logging the position of whales and seabirds; and listening to and recording whale songs. We share the wildlife information we gather with several conservation and research organisations. All of our projects are carried out with the well being of the wildlife and environment as our first and foremost consideration. A portion of our proceeds are donated to local animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation facilities!

Wanderbird visiting Battle Harbor, Labrador

Wanderbird visiting Battle Harbour, Labrador

Your comfortable and fun getaway

Enjoy a comfortable, intimate setting - only 12 passengers per cruise, beautiful yacht-style furnished cabins and homemade delicious food and pastries. Get away from it all and enjoy the splendor and serenity of nature with us. We would love to have you sail with us next season, and you can schedule your trip now by calling 1-866-SEA-BIRD or 1-866-732-2473.

Thank you,

-Capts. Rick & Karen Miles

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