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Are you dreaming of taking a cruise? We invite you to have a sea adventure to study picturesque coasts of immense oceans!

Sea cruising is a special recreational activity which is popular among tourists from the whole world. This luxury pastime is safe, enjoyable and rather affordable. Today most travelers can afford taking a cruise. The time when a cruise vacation was only for wealthy people has long gone. These days sea cruising on board The Wanderbird Vessel or a cruise liner has become affordable for practically everyone.

As a rule, travelers highly rate a cruise vacation as one of the brightest and most memorable events in their life. And on returning from a cruise many tourists start planning their next trip. It has been noticed that tourists who love sea cruises most often become return customers in the travel industry.

At this site you will find lots of interesting and detailed information about sea cruises as well as secrets and tips that will help you save your money and nerves. Plus you will find a lot of tips that will help you make a sound decision, choose the perfect route and best time for cruise.

We recommend that you have a sea cruise too!

What are the Advantages of a Cruise Vacation?

Cruise Advantages | WanderbirdCruises

Sea cruises are perfect for any traveler: during the voyage travelers can visit several countries, have an unforgettable romantic getaway, travel with the family or alone. In addition, it is possible to organize business meetings, negotiations or training of corporate tourists when cruising on board a luxury five-star liner with 24-hour service and developed infrastructure which includes a number of duty-free stores, restaurants, bars, gyms, swimming-pools, a movie theatre, a casino and spa salons.

How Cruises are Organized?

Cruise liners make stops at various ports so tourists could leave the ship to go sightseeing. Sights may include beautiful landscapes, birdwatching and whalewatching spots, and more.

Sea Cruises: Cost of Voyages Myths and Reality

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We will remind travelers who are going to have their first cruise that sea cruising is a very cost-effective way of traveling: as a rule, a cruise package includes food and drinks (except alcohol) along with entertainment of all sorts. If we compare the cost of a sea cruise with the cost of hotel accommodation in the same category - 4 and 5 stars, taking a sea cruise is 10%-30% cheaper. Not to mention that cruise entertainment is much more varied.

Sea Cruises: Destinations

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These days cruising destinations cover the whole world. The most popular among the American tourists are cruises to Alaska, Caribbean cruises, Canada & New England cruises, cruises to the Island of Newfoundland, Mediterranean and North European cruises. During the winter season cruises to the Persian Gulf and the United Arab Emirates are extremely popular. So all year round it is possible to find the cruise that would meet your needs best.

Cruise Safety

Cruise Safety | WanderbirdCruises

All modern cruise liners are equipped with the complex navigation and stabilization systems that ensure safe and comfortable voyage at any weather conditions. It should be added that pitching is practically not felt when traveling on board modern vessels.